Framing and reproduction….

We want to work with art enthusiasts to improve or restore the presentation of your artwork.

We are able to offer a bespoke framing service for your existing work.

We can digitally convert your artwork to the highest standards and with your involvement print your art onto the finest media.

We can also offer a range of accessories and pre-made frames to allow you to complete the process yourself.


We offer a full range of bespoke framing services.

Frame it!

We have the latest equipment for framing your work. Our suppliers are able to offer 100’s of frame moulds to ensure you have the best possible choice. We hold a massive selection of moulds for you to consider before you make your decision.

Lion Framing is a long established, family run business that we have worked with carefully in setting up our workshop. They offer you, and us, the benefit of their experience.

Mount boards are also so important. You need the full range of colours and textures to make your choice. We hold a vast range as samples. Touch and feel.

We stock standard float glass, as the inexpensive selection for most popular framing. 45% UV resistant and inexpensive, it makes a good choice for standard artwork prints. We also use Conservation Glass where UV control is essential and other museum quality specialist glass for reduced reflection, together with specialist acrylics and mirror glass.

in stock…

If you are framing and hanging your work yourself, we offer a wide range of fittings to help the process, from basic screws, hangers, hardwall nails, to pre-cut glass, mounts and other essentials.

We keep a range of ready made frames in standard sizes, for your photographs or prints. These frames come with a backboard and glass, with a choice of hanging or stand systems.

We also keep a range of pre-cut mounts in standard sizes, that will fit the frame of your choice, in a selection of colours.

Do you just need glass cut to size?


Come in and pick up what you need.


Large format printers allow the finest quality replication of artwork.

its a copy…

Our large scale Giclee printer allows us to replicate fine quality artwork and photography on a range of the finest media. We are able to print to canvass for a great replication of large scale oils and acrylic work.

We are working with local artists to replicate some of their work, to make it available in an affordable manner. If you would like to have your work reproduced on a manageable scale, talk to us.

If you are looking at large scale reproduction of your own work or replication of work that you own for personal use, we are able to help.

Quality of print is dependent on the quality of the digital reproduction. Our digital reproduction is created using a 42mps DSLR camera system, high precision monitors in a dedicated environment.

  • High quality digital reproduction.
  • Versatile software
  • Epson high quality media papers and inks.

Even if you just need your image digitalised, we can help! Or if you have an image that you need printed we will work with you to produce the best quality.

Ready to hang

We are working with local artists.

We have a number of ‘artist approved’ or limited edition prints for you to choose from. Come and see the work for yourself, or look at the images on this site.

Prints are available on canvas or on high quality paper media.

We also have a small selection of original work by local artists. Framed for you and ready to go.

We also work with photographers to print their work to a variety of media.





Press it!

DryTac 360 vacuum press!

This monster heats up a vacuum chamber to 90°c and vacuum presses the work to a variety of backboards.

MDF, Display board, canvas………

We can press out creases and folds from old maps etc.

Art work, posters, Charts, OS Maps.